Stantons Electrical and Plumbing

Welcome to Stantons Electrical and Plumbing, your one-stop solution to your electrical and plumbing problems. Every residential and commercial building requires electricity and plumbing to function efficiently for daily productivity. When one of these elements is damaged, you need a professional to come in and fix the problem before further damage occurs. Electrical and plumbing problems can be very stressful, looking for a professional company that is reputable should not add to your stress.

Stantons Electrical and Plumbing is a full service electrical and plumbing solution for residential and commercial buildings. We provide quality services that are safe and satisfactory to our client’s needs; we aim to ensure that we remove all threats and defaults with all our clients electrical and plumbing related issues. We offer an electrical and plumbing service with competitive prices and quality workmanship.

We are registered and fully trained in health and safety, should you be in need of experienced electrician and plumber, please consider Stantons Electrical and Plumbing. We provide installations and all round maintenance services for all electrical and plumbing needs.

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